Custom Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders Manufactured by Capton Cylinders



Capton Hydraulic Cylinders

Capton's Hydraulic Cylinders are known for being one of the highest quality hydraulic cylinders available. All materials and components used meet or exceed industry standards. Take the gland and piston for example: the material we use is Dura-bar ductile iron, the brand most ductile iron manufacturers compare themselves to.

In nearly every application, Capton hydraulic cylinders are equipped with a base plate that is thicker than other manufacturers' for the same application. This reduces stress resulting in a lifetime of leak free operation.

Another area Capton hydraulic cylinders shine is the seals. Only high quality brand name seals, rated for or above the cylinders operating pressure, are used. This, combined with Capton's 2 year warranty*, gives you a quality, dependable cylinder that is custom fit to your application.

* All Capton cylinders up to 3000 psi operating pressure receive a 2 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. All cylinders above 3000 psi operating pressure are limited to 1 year warranty. Please contact us for full warranty details.

Capton Pneumatic Cylinders

Capton Pneumatic Cylinders are a good choice for any pneumatic application. As mentioned with Capton hydraulic cylinders, Capton pneumatic cylinders are built using only high quality components. All glands and pistons are made of aircraft quality 6061 aluminum to reduce weight and prevent corrosion. Once again, only high quality brand name seals are used. On most cylinders, wear rings are standard items on the gland and piston to prevent any metal to metal contact.

Capton Pneumatic Cylinders can also be built as state-of-the-art composite tube cylinders...

What are the Advantages of using Composite Tube Cylinders?


Our composite tube cylinders can be used anywhere where weight and corrosion are an issue, for cylinders up to 2970 PSI operating pressure depending on tube diameter and wall thickness. They particularly shine in pneumatic applications.  They can be used in operating temperatures between -70°C and +110°C

Light weight

The tubes weigh less than one quarter, or 25%, of steel per volume, while providing over two times the strength to weight ratio for internal pressure. The tie rod design allows for thinner material to be used, which are standard sizes with composite material. Our composite pneumatic cylinders weigh approximately 25 to 40% less than pneumatic cylinders with steel tube and snap ring design.

Long Lifetime

The smooth low-friction bore offers decreased friction and increased seal life. There is more power transmitted to the load and less to friction. And unlike honed steel tubes, our composite cylinders do not corrode.

High Strength, Low Maintenance

Never deal with refilling your oiler or having rust on the inside of your cylinder again: our composite cylinders are as strong as steel, never rust, and could run on water!  Since both the tube and guide rod bushing are self lubricating, no oiler is required.  Additionally, they require no painting.

Capton Composite Tube Cylinder Specifications
Piston and Aluminum Ends Made out of aircraft quality 6061 T6 aluminum
Rod (shaft) Nitrided shaft for excellent dent and corrosion protection
Tie rods Made out of 304 stainless steel, which exceeds mild steel strength and is cost effective compared with painting/powder coating steel tie rods.
Base Mounting Plate Painted with high quality Endura paint to eliminate corrosion.
Piston Seals U-cup seals provide less friction than o-ring seals. Lip design removes contamination versus O-ring tendency to rub particles into cylinder wall. Better sealing properties & increased seal life.
Guiding element eliminates piston to cylinder wall contact.
Rod Seals Guide rod bushings are cost effective and allow close tolerance between gland seal and rod while providing rod with full protection from metal contact. Also, guide rod bushings have built-in lubricating properties.
U-cup seal provides low friction, high quality sealing.
Double lip rod wiper effectively cleans rod and prevents contamination from passing around outside of wiper, which extends both wiper and rod seal life. Snap-in design makes installation and replacement a breeze.

In order to reduce costs, optional downgrades, such as chrome plated shaft and o-ring seals, are available. Please contact us or use the order form for more details and to find out what will work best with your application.

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